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Animals, land and environment
Study the seas and oceans to help us learn more about the marine environment, plants and animals.

Offshore drilling worker

Work as part of a team that controls and operates the drills on offshore facilities such as oil or gas rigs or drilling platforms.


Science, mathematics and statistics
Research new drugs and medicines, and make sure they are used safely.


Science, mathematics and statistics
Study the world around us and the scientific laws that make objects behave as they do.

Planning and development surveyor

Construction and building
Lead development projects to preserve buildings and communities or give areas a new lease of life.


Construction and building
Prepare walls and ceilings for decorating so people can have attractive and safe places to live and work.


Construction and building
Fit and repair water and heating systems and appliances in homes and businesses.

Procurement Manager

Administration, business and management
Buy products and services at the best price to save money for your company or organisation.

Product designer

Design, arts and crafts
Create the look and feel of items that people use every day.

Quality control technician

Manufacturing and production
Check that products meet quality standards and are safe for customers to buy.