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Administration, business and management
Run an organised and efficient office so your colleagues can get their work done.

Agricultural consultant

Animals, land and environment
Provide technical, business and financial advice and information to farmers, landowners and other agricultural staff.

Business analyst

Administration, business and management
Assess the quality of a business and come up with ideas to improve it.

Business continuity specialist

Administration, business and management
Help companies protect themselves against any events that could put them out of business – from staff shortages to data hacks.

Call centre operator

Retail and customer services
Answer people’s questions and sort out their problems with friendly advice and information on the phone and by email.

Charity fundraiser

Administration, business and management
Organise events and persuade people to donate to raise as much money as you can to pay for your charity’s work.

Customer service adviser

Retail and customer services
Help customers with their enquiries and tasks. Be friendly, helpful and patient so people get a good impression of the company you work for.

Ethical hacker

Computing and ICT
Help protect company networks and computers from malicious attacks by carrying out security testing using 'hacking' techniques.

Farm manager

Animals, land and environment
Run a farm. Plan crops and livestock, manage the farm workers, control the budget and buy and sell the farm produce.

Food scientist or food technologist

Science, mathematics and statistics
Test food for safety and quality and find ways to keep food fresh for longer. Or you would invent new processes and products, such as fat-free food or meat-free alternatives.