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Machine learning engineer

Computing and ICT
Teach a computer or machine how to take actions without being directed by humans each time.

Manufacturing systems engineer

Design and install the equipment that will make a factory more efficient so it can make goods on time and at the right cost and quality.

Thermal insulation engineer

Fit insulation around pipes, boilers and ductwork to help them retain heat.

Refrigeration and air conditioning engineer

Design, install and repair cooling systems in buildings so they are safe and effective.

Gas service technician

Safely install gas heating and hot water systems. Maintain and repair the pipes, appliances and meters.

Software tester

Computing and ICT

Engineering maintenance technician

Look after and fix electrical and mechanical equipment used in industry, from factories and power stations to aircraft and escalators.

App developer

Computing and ICT
Create apps for computers, smartphones, tablets, or games. Design and develop innovative software for people all over the world to interact with.

Sales representative

Retail and customer services
Use your people skills to sell your company’s products or services to businesses, shops or individuals.

3D Printing specialist

Print and publishing, marketing and advertising
Operate the machines that turn CAD designs into 3D components for everything from prosthetic limbs to F1 cars.