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Biomedical scientist

Science, mathematics and statistics
Test samples from ill people to identify their disease or condition so they can be diagnosed and treated.


Science, mathematics and statistics
Do scientific research to understand and treat diseases in people, animals and plants. Discover more about how living organisms survive and develop.

Agricultural consultant

Animals, land and environment
Provide technical, business and financial advice and information to farmers, landowners and other agricultural staff.

Climate Scientist

Animals, land and environment
Understand the effects of climate change on our planet. Make a difference and help to improve our environment.

Doctor - GP

Provide medical care for people in the local community. Diagnose and treat illnesses, give health advice and run clinics.


Help people who need an artificial limb or a support for part of their body. Design and fit devices to improve their lives.

Quality assurance officer

Manufacturing and production
Are you meticulous about small details? If so, you could make your living helping to keep products and services at the highest standard.

Quality manager

Manufacturing and production
Quality managers are employed by an organisation to ensure that the product or service they provide meets all internal and external requirements.

Sport and exercise scientist

Sport and leisure
Use your scientific knowledge of the human body to help people improve their sporting performance and health.

Veterinary surgeon

Animals, land and environment
Diagnose, treat and care for sick animals.