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Chemical sciences

Join the industry that make life-saving drugs and fuels of the future.

Construction and built environment

The construction industry lies at the heart of Scottish society. Learn more about how you can become part of this thriving workforce.


Do you have big ideas? Put them into practice by becoming a producer, a sound engineer, a designer... your horizons are as broad as your imagination.

Digital technologies

Digital technologies are the force behind every modern business. By working in this field you’ll build skills that will ensure you’re permanently in demand.


Find your place in the energy industry – one of Scotland’s biggest economic assets and the source of countless exciting career options.

Engineering and manufacturing

Engineers are creative and hands on. They design, create, test and improve all sorts of products and processes. From buildings in your local community to railways and aircrafts – bring creations to life as an engineer.

Food and drink

Scotland's food and drink is known and loved world wide. Be part of the industry that makes that reputation.


Help build Scotland’s international reputation – and build an enviable career for yourself at the same time. Discover your way in here.