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Procurement Manager

Administration, business and management
Buy products and services at the best price to save money for your company or organisation.

Public relations officer

Print and publishing, marketing and advertising
Create and maintain a good public image for a business or organisation.

Radio broadcast assistant

Performing arts and media
Make sure that live and recorded radio programmes run smoothly so they are entertaining and informative for audiences.

SEO specialist

Print and publishing, marketing and advertising
Use various techniques to improve search engine rankings for your organisation's website.


Science, mathematics and statistics
Collect and analyse data, then present findings to use the data to help solve problems, spot trends or make predictions.

Teacher - Secondary School - Physical Education

Education and training
Inspire and motivate young people to learn about sport, fitness and health. Help them get the knowledge and skills for success.

Web editor

Computing and ICT
Write and publish pages on a website. Present the content in the best way for the audience.