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Science, mathematics and statistics
Work in a laboratory to find ways to make products that improve our health, our environment and our food.


Science, mathematics and statistics
Study plants to find out how to help them grow. Discover which plants to use to make food and medicines.

Building surveyor

Construction and building
Advise people who want to buy a building whether it meets building regulations or need any serious repairs.


Science, mathematics and statistics
Research, design and publish maps on paper and online that people can use to find their way around.

Chemical engineering technician

Work on the research, development and manufacture of products such as plastics, medicines, foods, textiles and fuel.


Science, mathematics and statistics
Work out how to use chemicals and materials to make new medicines, create better food and protect the environment.

Climate Scientist

Animals, land and environment
Understand the effects of climate change on our planet. Make a difference and help to improve our environment.

CNC programmer

Use your attention to detail to operate CNC machines to manufacture precision engineering parts out of metal and other materials.

Commercial energy assessor

Construction and building
Test the energy efficiency of commercial buildings – like shopping centres, cinemas and offices. Make a positive impact on the environment.

Conservation Officer

Construction and building