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IT support technician

Computing and ICT
Find and fix people’s computer and IT equipment problems. Set up and test new equipment to make sure it works.

Leakage operative

Construction and building
Find leaks in water pipes and arrange repairs to save water.

AR/VR programmer

Computing and ICT
Create immersive digital experiences that make it possible for users to explore virtual worlds. You’ll use sophisticated software and all your programming know-how to entertain or educate.

Roadside technician

Garage services
Help people whose vehicles have broken down or won’t start. Fix the problem or get them and their vehicle to a garage.

Engineering operative

Put together different parts to make products such as cars, household appliances, gadgets and furniture.

Merchant navy engineering officer

Make sure the machines and instruments on a ship work properly so the crew and passengers are safe when the vessel goes to sea.

Chemical engineering technician

Work on the research, development and manufacture of products such as plastics, medicines, foods, textiles and fuel.

Civil engineering technician

Construction and building
Help to survey sites and draw technical designs for major construction projects. Organise the work and materials for the project and check its progress.

Electrical engineering technician

Set up and fix the electrical systems that keep streetlights working and the railways running.

Electronics engineering technician

Make and fix the systems and components used in mobile phones, computers and medical instruments.