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Automotive engineer

Design, test and develop the cars and motor vehicles of the future.

Electrical engineer

Design, build and maintain the systems and equipment vital to industry, the railways and manufacturing.

Infrastructure engineer

Computing and ICT
Design the IT foundations that businesses, public facilities and cities rely on. You’ll use your knowledge of hardware and cloud systems to meet your users’ every need.

Artificial intelligence engineer

Animals, land and environment
Solve problems by using data and technology to build AI systems.

Broadcast engineer

Performing arts and media
Set up and operate the equipment to get TV and radio programmes out at the right time and without interruptions.

Civil engineer

Construction and building
Design, plan and manage the construction of large buildings, transport links and major structures.

Structural engineer

Construction and building
Create and improve the structure for all kinds of building projects.

Drilling engineer

Construct wells to extract oil and gas which are effective, safe for people to operate and do not pollute the environment.

Electronics engineer

Design the electronic components used in a huge variety of equipment, from mobile phones and computers to aircraft navigation systems.

Materials engineer

Test and research the materials of the future to use them in new technology and better products.