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Picture framer

Design, arts and crafts
Make frames to protect pictures, photos and other items so people can display them.

Procurement Manager

Administration, business and management
Buy products and services at the best price to save money for your company or organisation.

Quarry engineer

Assess a site and safely set up and run a mine or quarry. Restore the land when it closes.

Rail engineering technician

Build and repair railway engines and carriages so people can travel in safe and comfortable trains.

Rural surveyor

Animals, land and environment
Help farms and estates to make the most of their land. Value property and assets, advise on legal and tax issues, and plan land use.

Smart meter installer

Fit and mend gas and electricity meters in homes and businesses.


Performing arts and media
Work behind the scenes with props, scenery and special effects in theatres, concert halls and TV/film studios.

Teacher - Secondary school - Design and technology

Education and training
Encourage, motivate and inspire young people to design and make objects that have a practical use, using a variety of techniques.


Manufacturing and production
Make precision tools like jigs, dies and moulds that are used by engineering craftspeople.


Cut, shape, join and repair metal for use in a wide range of industries.