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Facilities and property services
Install and fix locks to keep people’s homes and businesses secure. Help people who have accidentally locked themselves out.

Offshore drilling worker

Work as part of a team that controls and operates the drills on offshore facilities such as oil or gas rigs or drilling platforms.

Offshore roustabout

Keep the drilling equipment and area working properly on offshore facilities such as oil and gas rigs and drilling platforms.

Accommodation warden

Facilities and property services
Support people who stay in sheltered housing, youth hostels and student residences and make sure the building is safe and clean for them.

Aerospace engineer

Design and build aeroplanes, helicopters, spacecraft, satellites, missiles and rockets to make them safe and efficient.

Cabinet maker

Design, arts and crafts
Design and make wooden furniture like chairs, tables and chests of drawers which people can use in their homes.

Cemetery worker

Animals, land and environment
Prepare graves so bereaved families can say goodbye to their loved one at a funeral. Keep the cemetery tidy for when people visit to remember the person.

Design engineer

Come up with the products of the future, making things that people use everyday more efficient, reliable and useful.

Diver - specialist

Work underwater in the sea, rivers and lakes - fixing oil rigs, working on civil engineering projects or doing scientific research.

Dog handler

Animals, land and environment
Work with a specially-trained dog to prevent and detect crime, find lost or missing people or protect property.