LGBTQ+ Support

You should be able to be yourself everywhere - your school or workplace included. Your identity matters and you deserve an environment that supports you. We’re here to help you make sure you’re in the best place for you.   

We’ve gathered useful resources, pride month events and advice to provide support for those who identify as LGBTQ+. There’s information for parents and carers, teachers and allies too. Whether you’re LGTBQ+ or an ally, there’s a lot to learn and get involved with. 

Pride events

June is Pride Month, a time to celebrate and support the LGBTQ+ community. Pride month was created to honour the anniversary of the Stonewall uprising of 1969. It’s now an annual occasion, that brings a host of celebrations, parades, learning opportunities and more interesting events. 

This year there are a lot of LGBTQ+ based events going on in Scotland, in June and beyond. There’s an event for you, no matter where you are, including: 

There’s more to discover, find out about what’s happening at Visit Scotland and the Educational Institute of Scotland.  

Tips for speaking to your teacher or employer

It can be hard to know where to begin if you want to discuss your sexual orientation or gender identity with your teacher or your manager. This is not something you have to do if you’re not comfortable, only if you want to.

If you are unsure how to talk about this with your teacher or manager, we’ve got some tips on how to start a conversation with them. 

Ask to speak privately  

Opening up to someone for the first time can be nerve-wracking. A crowded classroom or workplace will not help your nerves. You’ll feel a lot more comfortable talking somewhere quiet. This is an important conversation and you deserve to feel comfortable and supported. 

Be open with yourself 

Your feelings matter. Let your teacher or manager know if you’re anxious, they’ll support you to feel comfortable talking with them. Tell them what you feel okay telling them. You do not have to talk about anything that you do not want to. 

Listen to your gut 

This conversation is about you, you can talk about as much or as little as you want. If you feel uncomfortable talking about something or feel like you need to stop the conversation, that’s okay. Tell your teacher or manager how you are feeling, they should be understanding. 

If you feel uncomfortable after this conversation, talk to someone you trust like a parent or carer, another teacher, a colleague or a friend. Talk to them about what you want to do next. They’ll support you with whatever you feel is best.  

Remember, it’s important that you feel comfortable and supported at work or in school.  

Find more support

There’s a lot of support out there for whatever you may need. We’ve gathered some helpful resources that cover a range of topics.

Support for LGBTQ+ people

Support for parents, carers and allies

Support for teachers

LGBT Education – approved resources for teachers to support an inclusive learning environment 

Support for employers

Stonewall Scotland – toolkits, best practice advice and resources to support employers create or maintain an inclusive work environment 

Your rights at work

It’s important you know your rights as an LGBTQ+ person at work. Under the Equality Act (2010) it is illegal to discriminate against anyone because of sexual orientation or gender identity. You have the right to respect and confidentiality. Your sexual orientation or gender identity cannot be disclosed without your consent. Under the law, you are protected from harassment or discrimination in the workplace. Based on your sexual orientation or gender identity, you cannot be: 

  • refused employment  
  • denied training or promotion 
  • denied resources, facilities or benefits 
  • victimised or discriminated against, directly or indirectly 

If your rights at work are not being respected there are people you can speak to. If your work has Human Resources or another form of support for workers, reach out to them to discuss your concerns. Talk to someone you trust for advice, like a parent or carer, teacher or friend. The Equality and Human Rights Commission can give you advice and legal resources.  

Learn more about your rights as an LGBTQ+ person on the Scottish Government website and LGBT Youth Scotland

To find out more about your rights as a worker, read our guide to your rights at work

Wellbeing support

If you’re having a hard time, we’re here for you. Whatever you may be struggling with, you can find support to get you feeling the best you can be.  

Find wellbeing support

Career advice from SDS

Would you prefer to speak to someone? We can provide career advice and support over the phone at 0800 917 8000. If you would rather speak to someone in person you can contact your local career centre and make an appointment.  

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