Webinars for parents and carers

As a parent or carer, you play a key role in influencing your young person’s life and decisions. We want to support you to feel confident in this role. Join our Careers Advisers for information and support during our webinars.


Watch our pre-recorded webinars

You can watch our webinar series when it suits you on our YouTube channel. We've created the series to help you support your young person’s career choices. 

The topics covered include:

  • Introduction to the Career Service for Parents and Carers of S1 Pupils 
  • Introduction to the Career Service and Gaelic Career Opportunities (recordings available in English and in Gaelic) 
  • Understanding Options Available After School  
  • Option Choices 
  • How to Have Meaningful Career Conversations 
  • Scottish Apprenticeships 
  • Applying for Scottish Apprenticeships