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COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Skills Development Scotland (SDS) is still here to support you and your pupils, students and clients. You can use the information and resources on My World of Work. We can also provide one-to-one career information, advice and guidance services. To speak to an adviser please call 0800 917 8000​​​​​​​. Our helpline is open Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm.


Here at Skills Development Scotland (SDS) we offer support for pupils, parents and teachers from Primary 5 to S6. This is through both digital channels (My World of Work and and face-to-face guidance from career staff.    

Our career service in schools

Professionally qualified careers advisers offer career information advice and guidance (CIAG) in every state secondary school in Scotland.

Our service helps pupils to develop their career management skills and can include: intensive one-to-one guidance through a coaching approach; group sessions; drop-in clinics; availability at school events like parents’ evenings.

Have a look at our school services table which provides an overview of the help on offer at each stage.

Bringing work to life in the classroom

Claire and Ann, two teachers based in Ullapool, explain how they use My World of Work to discuss careers with their pupils. 

We can help you: 

  • Plan lessons
  • Encourage pupils to explore their options
  • Provide guidance on personal statements
  • Relate your subjects to careers and jobs  

A one-stop-shop for all you need to support pupils in their career decisions, My World of Work offers information and advice that'll guide them through their school life - and beyond. 


Are you using My World of Work to help your pupils or students? We have a full set of resources designed for you.

What are the partner resources?

Our resources, developed with teachers, will help your pupils or students develop their career management skills. 

There are articles to help you understand how pupils can get the best out of My World of Work – explaining key features and how they can be used to explore different careers. There's also a full set of activities and lesson inserts that you can do in class. 

Why should I use them?

Each activity is designed to meet a range of experiences and outcomes which are clearly set out in Building the Curriculum 4. The resources also support teachers to deliver the ‘I can’ statements defined by the Career Education Standard and fit with the recommendations of Developing the Young Workforce. This, in turn, helps when preparing reports for How Good is Our School reviews

My World of Work can help pupils to write their profiles. Our tools enable them to understand more about themselves, their strengths and their future goals.

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Secondary school teachers

You can see all of the activities, lesson inserts and articles by going to the partner resources page.

You can also access the content through the partner resources link in your account. All you need to do is check the Partner tickbox when you register.

Already registered? Go to Settings and select the Partner tickbox.

Primary school teachers

We have resources for you and three tools specifically for primary 5-7 pupils.

To get started with your class, you must register as a primary teacher on My World of Work. When registered, go to your account and click the link to register your pupils.

Pupils should go to Their default passcode will be 1234 which should be updated the first time they log in. If pupils are using the same computer as you to access the tools, remember to log out of your own My World of Work account before they try to log in.

You'll find more information and activities you can do with your class on the partner resources page