Partner resources

All of our resources for partners, including lesson plans, fact sheets and planning your sessions guides.

Developed with teachers

We’ve worked with primary and secondary school teachers to create resources that work in the classroom. These are designed to support young people at different stages, from primary five through secondary and beyond.

Each resource helps you introduce young people to a different aspect of the world of work, help them with their career management skills and support them as they use the My World of Work site.

COVID-19 response: Interim career education programme

How does My World of Work fit with Curriculum for Excellence? 

Young people acquiring the skills and abilities relevant to living and working in Scotland today is at the heart of Curriculum for Excellence.

Our aim is for all young people in Scotland to register on My World of Work and use its tools and content to inform their career choices.

My World of Work can provide young people with online experiences to:

  • Investigate and explore their current skills, strengths and development needs
  • Identify events and life experiences which can support skill development and utilisation; and
  • Understand the benefits of focused learning

My World of Work can also help pupils to write their profiles. Our tools enable them to understand more about themselves, their strengths and their future goals – which gives valuable insight when completing their profiles. 

Career Education Standard (3-18)

The Career Education Standard was developed by Education Scotland and key partners including Skills Development Scotland. It aims to better prepare children and young people for the world of work. 

Our partner resources support teachers to deliver the ‘I can’ statements defined by the standard.  

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