What are Career Management Skills, and how can they help you?

2 mins

The world of work is changing fast. New opportunities pop up every day. And these days, you're unlikely to be in a job for life. 

So, it's important to be ready to face unexpected changes. Having the right information, or knowing how to get it, helps when making decisions about what to do.

That’s where Career Management Skills come in. They help you understand yourself and the world around you, and take control of your career with all its potential opportunities.

Career Management Skills jigsaw - Understand your self, strengths, horizons and networks

They’re grouped under four themes:

  • Self: Understanding your personality, interests and values are key to making the right career decisions
  • Strengths: Know how to use your talents, skills and personal qualities
  • Horizons: Explore the world of work, training and learning
  • Networks: Identify who can help you in your career journey

My World of Work is designed to help you develop your Career Management Skills.

Your account helps you discover what makes you tick and find your strengths. Our job profiles, Modern Apprenticeship and course information let you explore your horizons and think about where you want to go. And our advice gives you some pointers on building relationships with the people who can help you along the way.

Career Management Skills in action

Former Perth Grammar pupil Erin shows how Career Management Skills work in practice in the video below. She explains why understanding her self (a sports fan) and her strengths (English) helped her decide on a possible future career (sports journalist).

She also talks about using her networks (someone she met through school) and exploring her horizons (looking for local opportunities) to secure the work experience she needs to move towards that career.