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Diagnose, prevent, treat and study illness by looking at cells and tissue samples from patients and dead bodies.

Speech and language therapist

Support and treat adults and children who have communication problems.

Sterile services technician

Make sure that medical equipment is kept clean and safe for use with patients.


Carry out operations on patients who need them.

Medical illustrator

Design, arts and crafts
Use your artistic skills to create images for training healthcare staff and for medical research.

Medical sales representative

Print and publishing, marketing and advertising
Visit healthcare professionals to sell them the drugs, medicines and medical equipment made by your company.


Alternative therapies
Treat people's health concerns by inserting very fine needles into pressure points on their body.

Artificial intelligence engineer

Animals, land and environment
Solve problems by using data and technology to build AI systems.

Big data engineer

Computing and ICT
Work at the cutting edge of technology and maths and use your analytical skills to solve complex problems.

Biomedical scientist

Science, mathematics and statistics
Test samples from ill people to identify their disease or condition so they can be diagnosed and treated.