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Construction and building
Help shape the world around you working in construction, property or environmental roles.

Town planner

Construction and building
Help to shape the way towns and cities develop and improve the environments people live in.

Wind turbine technician

Animals, land and environment
Install, maintain and repair wind turbines to help provide renewable electricity.

Aerospace engineer

Design and build aeroplanes, helicopters, spacecraft, satellites, missiles and rockets to make them safe and efficient.

Agricultural consultant

Animals, land and environment
Provide technical, business and financial advice and information to farmers, landowners and other agricultural staff.

Agricultural engineer

Animals, land and environment
Help farmers tackle their environmental problems with specialist equipment, land improvement projects and new agricultural techniques.


Construction and building
Design new buildings and restore old ones to give people practical, attractive, energy efficient and safe places in which to live and work.


Science, mathematics and statistics
Do research into living cells to learn more about diseases or develop new drugs, medicines and crops.


Science, mathematics and statistics
Study living things like plants and animals to increase our knowledge about them, the environment and genetics.

Biomedical scientist

Science, mathematics and statistics
Test samples from ill people to identify their disease or condition so they can be diagnosed and treated.