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Environmental consultant

Animals, land and environment
Assess the impact of industry on the environment and tell businesses how to be greener.


Animals, land and environment
Look after a garden and care for the plants so people can enjoy the green space all year round.

Horticultural worker

Animals, land and environment
Grow plants, sell plants in a garden centre or look after plants in gardens and parks.

Chemical plant process operator

Science, mathematics and statistics
Control and check the machinery used to make useful products like paints, plastics, cosmetics and toiletries.

Forest manager

Animals, land and environment
Look after an area of forest to produce timber and conserve the woodland environment for people to enjoy.

Forestry worker

Animals, land and environment
Carry out practical tasks in forests and woodlands to help care for and protect the environment.

Chemical engineer

Do research to improve the manufacturing processes needed to turn raw materials into everyday products such as fuel, plastics and food.

Environmental manager

Animals, land and environment
Be a protective shield between organisations and the world around us. An environmental manager is an incredibly important job that keeps the planet green and ecosystems thriving.

Highways cleaner

Facilities and property services
Clean streets and remove litter and rubbish from public areas to keep towns and cities pleasant and safe places to live.

Landscape architect

Construction and building
Design and create spaces for plants and wildlife to make towns and cities healthier and more attractive places to live.