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Photographic stylist

Design, arts and crafts
Help photographers get the best images by creating the right look and mood for a photo shoot.

AR/VR programmer

Computing and ICT
Create immersive digital experiences that make it possible for users to explore virtual worlds. You’ll use sophisticated software and all your programming know-how to entertain or educate.

Community arts worker

Performing arts and media
Guide people to organise and take part in creative activities which inspire and motivate them and are positive for their community.

Concept Artist

Design, arts and crafts
Play a key role in creative projects in film, advertising and videogames –using your artistic skills to help visualise people, places, creatures and more.


Use role play, group work and movement to help people come to terms with feelings and emotions. Help them bring about positive change in their lives.

Exhibition designer

Design, arts and crafts
Create attractive display stands for companies to show off their products or services at conferences and events.

Fine artist

Design, arts and crafts
Create original works of art for people to buy and enjoy in their homes, workplaces and public spaces.

Games developer

Computing and ICT
Create code for games which might be played by millions of people.


Design, arts and crafts
Draw the pictures or diagrams used in products like adverts, book covers, greeting cards and product instructions.


Print and publishing, marketing and advertising
Investigate events, get the facts and communicate these to the public.