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Job profiles

TV or film producer

Performing arts and media
Look after the business side of TV or film productions.

Bus or coach driver

Transport, distribution and logistics
Get people from one place to another safely on local, national or international bus journeys.

Ceramics designer or maker

Design, arts and crafts
Design and produce practical and decorative items like cups, plates, bowls and tiles for people to use and admire.

Judge or sheriff

Legal and court services
Oversee a court to ensure that people accused of breaking the law are treated fairly. Make judgements based on the evidence and the law.

Newspaper or magazine editor

Print and publishing, marketing and advertising
Lead a team of journalists and designers to produce a magazine or newspaper that appeals to readers.

RAF airman or airwoman

Security, uniformed and protective services
Use specialist skills for a crucial support role in the Royal Air Force.

Swimming teacher or coach

Sport and leisure
Help people of all ages and abilities to learn swimming skills, or train competitive swimmers.

TV or film director

Performing arts and media
Take charge of the production of a film or TV programme and make the creative decisions that will guide the crew.