Foundation Apprenticeships – choose a different path

Fancy getting real-life work experience while earning a qualification? Hear from some current Foundation Apprentices about how they did exactly that!

3 minutes

Choose a subject that’ll impress colleges, universities and employers

It’s option choices time! It feels like it comes around faster every year, doesn’t it?

You’ve probably started thinking about which science, language or creative subjects you’ll take. But have you considered a Foundation Apprenticeship instead?

With a Foundation Apprenticeship, you’ll:
•    get a qualification equal to a National 4, National 5 or Higher
•    build work experience – while still at school
•    prepare for a Modern or Graduate Apprenticeship
•    gain confidence and learn new skills
•    find out what you like doing before you leave school

Since their introduction in 2016, more than 16,000 young people like you have got their career off to a flying start with a Foundation Apprenticeship.

There are 12 subjects to choose from – so there’s bound to be something you’d be buzzing to learn about.

Don’t take our word for it – listen to what this year’s Foundation Apprentices had to say

All of us here at Skills Development Scotland love Foundation Apprenticeships. After all, we're involved in running them. But we don’t just prepare businesses to take on a foundation apprentice; we take on a batch of apprentices every year ourselves.

And we're one of many companies across the country who support Foundation Apprentices.

Let’s hear from Skills Development Scotland’s 2023/2024 group!

Hannah Burr - Business Skills Foundation Apprentice

“I really enjoyed my Foundation Apprenticeship with Skills Development Scotland. It’s nice to be in a different environment and get out of school for a while. I’ve met lots of people, made connections and learned new skills. For example, I’m now more comfortable using Microsoft OneNote and Excel. Those are tools I’d never have used before I started my Foundation Apprenticeship.”

Nat Anderson - Creative and Digital Media Foundation Apprentice

“I was able to work with likeminded people and experts to build on my video production skills. For one task, I worked on a video project from start to finish. This involved me creating storyboards, filming, clipping and editing the video piece. The final video was then used on social media and is still on the website – a pretty cool feeling.”

Emma Hamilton - Business Skills Foundation Apprentice

“One of my favourite things was getting to experience two different learning environments – college and work. It’s a big change from school but I feel like it’s suited me a lot more. I’ve really developed my interpersonal skills, especially my communication. There are plenty of other benefits too. I’ve loved meeting new people, both in college and the workplace. It’s been very inspiring when thinking about my next stage of education and career choices.”

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