Learning with The Big Plus

The Big Plus is a free service that puts you in touch with a local tutor, who can help you with reading, writing or numbers.

How does it work?

They'll meet you in a local place, like a library or college. You'll have a chat to decide what things you want to learn.


​​​​​​​Please note, that due to guidance on physical distancing, the local support you receive might currently take place in different ways. For example, online or over the telephone.

What next?

You'll agree how often you want to meet, either one-on-one or in a group. At each session, you'll take part in activities that'll help you build your skills.


The Big Plus

Call our helpline on 0800 917 8000 for more advice


Online support

BBC Skillswise has lots of free videos and worksheets to help with English and maths.

Go to BBC Skillswise for more information. 

Patricia's story

Patricia was suffering from depression, her doctor referred her to The Big Plus to help her improve her reading and writing and to boost her confidence. Hear how her life has changed.

Ibi's story

Ibi was getting English lessons at home with his mum, but wanted to take his learning further. He tells us how The Big Plus helped him achieve qualifications in English, maths and IT.

Sonja's story

Sonja had struggled with her numeracy skills since she was a child and didn’t receive support from teachers throughout her time at school. Find out how she got the help she needed with The Big Plus.

If The Big Plus could help you, or someone you know,

call us on 0800 917 8000