Find your career route in 3 easy steps

Qualification routes show you the steps you can take to get the career you want.

3 minutes

Knowing how to get into a career that interests you can be difficult. We're here to help.

Within our job profiles, you'll find qualification routes. These explain different steps you can take towards the career you want. Follow 3 simple steps to get your journey started.

Webpage showing job profiles for archaeologist, astronomer and cartographer

1. Explore job profiles

First, complete the About Me, Strengths and Skills Explorer tools on My World of Work. We'll then show you career options that match your interests, skills and strengths.

Click any job profiles on your account dashboard to go to the job profile page.

Here you'll find information about what the job's like, the working conditions and the pay. You'll also see how you can start building your qualification route.

Job profile page showing the 'Create a qualification route' section

2. Start building your route

Find a job profile that you want to explore. On the page, select 'Discover my route' in the 'Create a qualification route' section.

In a few easy steps you'll build a qualification route that you can use as a guide to get the career you want.

Many courses have different options for getting in. Move back and forwards to see how the choices you make affect your route into your career

Example route to get into a career in archaeology

3. Save your route and keep exploring

You can print a finished route for future reference or bookmark it and save it to your account.

When it’s time to choose your subjects, you can go back to saved routes — or explore new ones to help make your choices.

Your routes may help during meetings with your careers adviser. They could also be useful for career conversations with friends or family.


Plan the route to your career

Explore job profiles and build qualification routes that show you how to get the career you want.