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Skills and strengths
BGE Third/Fourth Level
Help students identify and understand their strengths. This will form their basis for exploring career options and making their option choices.

Getting started

Learning intention

  • I will learn about my strengths and how to use them to make a decision.

Success criteria

  • I can describe my strengths.
  • I can use my strengths to make decisions.
  • I can use my career options to explore jobs related to my strengths.

Before you start


  • Front screen computer required for presentation.
  • Pupil IT access useful for next steps activity (we recommend you use the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox or in the case of Internet Explorer, version 10 or later).


These are suggested timescales only and will vary dependent on your group.

Lesson 1: Strengths, 45 mins

  • 10 mins: Discussing strengths and weaknesses
  • 10 mins: What are strengths
  • 25 mins: Complete strengths quiz

Lesson 2: Strengths analysis and review, 45 mins

  • 5 mins: Access Strengths report
  • 40 mins: Review of my strengths​

Suitable for

This activity is suitable for BGE: S1 to S3 but earlier or later for some pupils.