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English – Reading

Subject lesson inserts
Senior Phase
Show students potential career opportunities that link to a good standard of English reading.

Getting started

This lesson insert is designed to support you in linking the study of English reading to the world of work.

It focuses on relating the subject content to relevant labour market information, job profiles and videos on My World of Work. Students will learn about different jobs and the job market. They will understand the specific strengths and skills needed to take advantage of opportunities in this field.

We have developed this short activity together with secondary school teachers across Scotland.

Success criteria

Students can:

  • reflect on the jobs covered
  • identify which jobs appeal to them most and why
  • understand whether or not they can see themselves in this job in the future


  • Computers or tablets with internet access.
  • Text passages.


  • 20 minutes.

Suitable for

Suitable for S4 to S6 pupils studying: English - National 5 and Higher.