My Interview

Hello and welcome.

My interview is an interactive tool, designed to help you understand more about what can happen in a general job interview.

You’ll be asked a series of questions. After each question, 4 possible answers will be shown. Pick the one you think is the best answer and click “Next” to move on.

Answer all the questions, and when you’ve finished you’ll get some feedback on how well you’ve done.

Take your time, think about the answers and click “Start” when you’re ready.

Good luck.

Hello, please make yourself comfortable. We will be interviewing you today. We want to find out as much as we can about you, your skills and experience.

Hints and tips

There’s no rush. Take your time and think about the best answer for the question, don’t say the first thing that comes into your head.

Question 1

Hints and tips

First impressions count. The first few minutes of the interview are crucial so make sure you create the right impact. Be positive and friendly and don’t forget to smile.

Question 2

Hints and tips

It’s natural to be nervous, just take a deep breath and remember you’ve prepared for this.

Question 3

Now we’re going to ask some more detailed questions about you, to help us find out how suitable you are for the job. We're looking for you to provide examples of real situations you’ve been in. What happened - and what was the result? Ready?

Hints and tips

Remember to use the STAR technique when answering questions: Situation, Task, Action and Result

Question 4

Hints and tips

Remember the interviewer wants you to do well. Don’t be intimidated if you are new to interviews.

Question 5

Hints and tips

Be confident in your own abilities. Interviews are the time to talk about your skills

Question 6

Hints and tips

Use positive language, think about what you're good at and build it into your answers.

Question 7

Hints and tips

Create a good impression by making eye contact and being aware of your body language. Remember to sit up straight, don’t slouch or fidget.

Question 8

Hints and tips

If you don’t have much work experience, you can use examples from school, a part-time job, or a club that you are a member of.

Question 9

Hints and tips

The interviewer will take notes to record the answers you gave.

Question 10

Hints and tips

If you don’t understand a question, it’s ok to ask for an explanation or ask the interviewer to repeat it.

Question 11

Hints and tips

Give full answers but don’t feel you have to continue talking once you think you’ve answered the question.

Question 12

You’re almost finished. Just a few more questions from us and you’ll be able to get your results.

Hints and tips

Be yourself. The interviewer wants to find out more about you.

Question 13

Hints and tips

If there is anything you’ve forgotten to include, or want to ask the interviewer there will be time at the end of the interview.

Question 14

Hints and tips

Listen to the interviewer, they might not ask exactly what you have prepared for so be ready to adapt your examples to match the questions.

Question 15

Thank you very much for your time today. It was nice to meet you and you’ll hear from us very soon.