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Young Enterprise Scotland - Digital Skills

Target audience - Secondary S4 to S6 (14-18 year old), College
What is Young Enterprise Scotland Digital Skills?

Young Enterprise Scotland has partnered with Accenture Digital Skills to help young people across Scotland develop the skills they will need for the future job market.

Accenture Digital Skills is a digital skills programme with an expanding catalogue of courses. Students can complete the courses independently in their own time through the Future Learn E-learning platform, or they can learn as a class in workshops facilitated by a Young Enterprise Scotland Programme Executive. The courses are free for students to access and come with a certificate of completion from Accenture.

To access this programme of resources please follow THIS LINK
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PwC Online Employability Skills Toolkit

Target audience - Secondary S1 to S3 (11-14 year old), Secondary S4 to S6 (14-18 year old)
Our Online Employability Skills Toolkit has been created for teachers and careers professionals to choose from a wide selection of lessons that can be quickly and easily delivered to a class or group of students: whether as a virtual lesson or as a resource for students to access individually.

Currently, the toolkit includes a number of programmes on technology, financial literacy, and wellbeing with plans to add further content (including on employability skills) in the coming months. Each lesson pack comes ready to deliver with a lesson plan, a facilitator guide and a presentation.

You’ll also have access to Tech We Can - a set of lesson packs designed to inspire more children, especially girls, to see the possibilities that a career in technology can bring. Populated with role model videos, classroom tasks and homework activities, the lesson plans are all focused on a different area of technology like Health and Inclusion, Safety and Security and Manufacturing and Engineering. They do not require a tech background to teach.

You may wish to share this resource with parents/carers for use at home over the next few months. We have added guidance to the toolkit website on using the materials at home.

You can access all these resources via THIS LINK
Technologies, Other
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PwC Online Employability Hub

Target audience - Secondary S4 to S6 (14-18 year old)
Our Employability Hub is a place where your students can find useful virtual tools, including interactive e-learns, to support them in developing key employability skills. There are also resources which provide an insight and some hints and tips into selection/assessment tools that firms like PwC are using.

You can access all these resources via THIS LINK
Technologies, Other
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Micro:bit coding with SKY Technology

Target audience - Primary School Pupil, Secondary S1 to S3 (11-14 year old)
Sky Technology is delighted to offer your pupils a suite of online tutorials that help will them achieve a basic knowledge of coding in less than an hour! Working with either a physical micro:bit (a pocket sized computer), or using a virtual equivalent via -learners are supported in their coding journey with step by step instructions from an industry expert.

Before learners start the tutorials, we recommend that they listen to some of the videos staff at Sky Technology have created- covering topics such as what it's like working at SKY Technology, the types of job opportunities that are available in the technology sector and the different pathways you can take when starting a career in IT.

Click here to find the Micro:bit tutorials, SKY Technology staff videos and lots more about the world of coding!
Mathematics, Technologies
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Learn at Home with Historic Environment Scotland

Target audience - Primary School Pupil, Secondary S1 to S3 (11-14 year old), Secondary S4 to S6 (14-18 year old)
Enjoy learning, play and creativity inspired by Scotland’s heritage – all from your own home!

We’ve brought together some of our favourite free online learning resources to share with you. Suitable for learners of all ages, the Learn at Home resources include games to play, colouring sheets to doodle on, crafts to make, recipes to try, and videos to watch. You can also choose to dive into our ‘Investigate’ section to explore historic sites and topics in more depth.

The dedicated 'Educators Area' has resources designed to support learning practitioners explore topics with their learners. This includes links to our careers resource 'Be Part of History' and videos where you can hear remarkable stories from our people who will tell you all about their time working for us. We’ve also included links to some of the excellent materials developed by other heritage organisations.

You can access all these resources on our website by following THIS LINK.

We’d love to hear about your learn at home activities – do share your #LearningWithHES online!

If you’d like to give us feedback on these resources please get in touch by emailing
Expressive arts, Languages, Social studies, Technologies
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First Bus Lockdown Kids Activity Pack

Target audience - Primary School Pupil
At First Bus, we have collaborated with professional teachers to design a kids activity pack based around the curriculum for excellence. We wanted to make life easier for Teachers, Parents and schools alike during these challenging and unprecedented times. Hopefully the activities in the pack will provide a fun and engaging way for children to learn about public transport at the same time as learning key outcomes for the curriculum.

You can view and download the First Bus Kid's Activity Pack via THIS LINK
English, Expressive arts, Health and wellbeing, Mathematics, Sciences, Social studies
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