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STEM kit Teacher Training Workshop

Target audience - Secondary S1 to S3 (11-14 year old), Secondary S4 to S6 (14-18 year old)
Energy Skills Partnership are offering MTa STEM kit training to enable teachers to run fun and problem solving activities with pupils. Use of these kits in the classroom can enhance STEM teaching and support pupils in exploring interpersonal and team building skills, with a focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. Each kit comes with an online user manual and provides opportunity to deliver up to 24 activities. After training, attendees will be given instruction on how to rent these bags free of charge
Mathematics, Sciences, Technologies

Building Skills with the Royal Navy Specialist Engagement Team

Target audience - Secondary S4 to S6 (14-18 year old)
The Royal Navy Specialist Engagement Team is offering a full day of activities to schools that have been designed to explore and enhance a huge raft of skills including leadership, team working, problem solving and health & wellbeing.

These activities are designed for pupils aged 15 and above.

The Royal Navy Specialist Engagement Team have 5 different activities that they will deliver over a full day. Each activity lasts 1 hour. Schools should identify which activities they want to be delivered.

Please view the supporting document to see the overview of each of the five activities on offer.
English, Expressive arts, Health and wellbeing, Languages, Mathematics, Religious and moral education, Sciences, Social studies, Technologies

A Career for You in the Public Sector

Target audience - Secondary S1 to S3 (11-14 year old)
Skills Development Scotland would like to offer you a ready-made, S2, PSE-focused lesson all about careers in the public sector. The lesson has been designed to fit into one period and to be taught to one class at a time. An experienced public sector representative will visit your school and deliver a learning experience for pupils in S2, who will, even at this early stage, already be thinking about their options for school subjects, the world of work or future study. We will also provide all materials and resources required.
Health and wellbeing, Social studies

Business Brunch 2019: Language Skills in the World of Work

Target audience - Secondary S1 to S3 (11-14 year old)
SCILT, in partnership with Developing the Young Workforce (DYW) invite you to attend a very exciting Business Brunch event held at Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh on the 15th January 2019 with the intention of encouraging pupils to continue with their language studies into the senior phase of their secondary education, and beyond school.

This popular, highly informative and free event takes S3 pupils on an exciting journey to explore a variety of inspirational presentations, selected interactive workshops and an inviting marketplace gallery. These opportunities will help gain a deeper understanding of why successful employers view languages as a key skill in today’s globalised world.

Pupils will not only discover the diverse range of careers and rewarding employment opportunities available within each of the sectors present, they will also have the chance to engage with and be inspired by a variety of dynamic employers who will share their personal journeys on how languages have benefited them both personally and professionally.

Take a look at the programme attached to give you a flavour of what this fantastic event will entail.

Please note that attendees will be offered breakfast rolls and refreshments on the day. Lunch will not be provided.

We advise you to select learners who are as of yet undecided about whether they wish to continue with their language studies.

To register, select up to a MAXIMUM OF 10 pupil places and complete the required fields in order to secure your place. YOU WILL AUTOMATICALLY BE ALLOCATED 1 TEACHER PLACE PER APPLICATION SO PLEASE DO NOT REQUEST ANY MORE THAN 10 ON THE FORM.

Contact Emma McLean ( directly if you have any questions.

Sea Cadets Marine Engineering Pathway - STEM Workshops

Target audience - Secondary S1 to S3 (11-14 year old)
We invite schools to take part in our free Sea Cadets Marine Engineering Pathway (MEP) workshops. We are passionate about inspiring young people to engage with STEM subjects and highlight the career opportunities in Marine Engineering. We have specially created three practical workshop sessions covering: Buoyancy, Drag & Propulsion & Hydraulics. Each workshop links to the S1, S2 & S3 Science, Technology and PSHE curricula.

These three fun, hands-on sessions teach pupils about the principles of engineering. Pupils are required to work in teams to design and create solutions to practical engineering problems. They are guaranteed to learn and have fun at the same time! Please see the attached flyer for further information

We can offer schools up to two, two-hour-long workshops on the day accommodating up to 40 pupils in each session depending on the space available. Each workshop should take place in a classroom or similar. Our instructor will require 30 minutes before the first workshop and 30 minutes after the final workshop to set up and tidy away.

For an enhanced experience, we can also bring our purpose built Marine Engineering (ME) Pod on the school grounds (logistics permitting). The ME Pod is fully equipped with both a working and a cross-sectional marine engine. It offers a hands-on, immersive experience for 4-8 pupils at a time and is suitable for pupils with a specific interest in engineering careers.
Sciences, Technologies

Why Uni is not the only answer into the Video Games industry

Target audience - Secondary S1 to S3 (11-14 year old), Secondary S4 to S6 (14-18 year old), College
I've been a professional video games translator for more than 15 years and I started my own company recently. I never went to Uni and I grew up in a deprived area. I think my experiences and my story outlining my path to where I am now could help young people to understand that not going to Uni is not the end at all, that there are many options and even if the path won't be easy, it's worthy. Providing this personal account into a very successful industry will allow young people to see a variety of options available to them and may provide reassurance and suggestions to those unsure of their next steps.
Languages, Technologies