Marketplace helps bring the curriculum to life by connecting schools and colleges with businesses. Search for opportunities posted by employers or use Founders4Schools (F4S) to find and invite business leaders to an event.

By meeting employers at a business, college or school young people learn about the world of work. The opportunities on offer include:

Skills session icon

Skills sessions

Inspiration event icon

Inspiration events

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Career insights

With Marketplace, you can enhance the learning experience of your students with industry insight. The importance of bringing the world of work into the classroom is highlighted in the Curriculum for Excellence – in both the principles of curriculum design and the entitlements. It’s further reinforced in Developing the Young Workforce and the Career Education Standard.

Marketplace will also support your continuing professional development and help when preparing reports for How Good is Our School reviews.

Opportunity types

Employers can offer three types of opportunities that are designed to build young people’s work skills, their career options and their knowledge of the world of work.

Skills session

Pupils and students learn skills around employability, enterprise, confidence building and leadership including tips on how to find and keep a job. Employers may also explain what is required to work in a given industry and the options available to them beyond school or college.

Inspiration event

Bring industries to life. Employers can offer site visits to their workplace, deliver workshops on specific jobs, run a competition or talk about a typical day in their sector. Young people will be inspired to explore their career options and raise their aspirations.

Career insight

Employers can explain job opportunities and routes into their industry at career events. They can also offer work placements to provide real-life experience of a sector and hold sessions with parents, carers and teachers to give them more knowledge of Scotland’s job landscape.