Get real life insight into the world of work through Marketplace.  

Marketplace is home to opportunities offered by employers, all designed to bring the world of work to life for school pupils and students.  

You can explore opportunities, including class talks and workplace visits.

And there are activities and resources created by employers you can use in class.   

With Marketplace you can: 

  • easily search and confirm places 
  • find opportunities close to you 
  • explore what’s on offer in different industries 

Whether you’re in school, college or have left education, there are opportunities for you.  

You can sign up directly, or educators, parents and carers can confirm places too.  


Find local employers and invite them to an event at your school.

Using LinkedIn, Founders4Schools helps you source local business leaders.

You can narrow down your search based on curriculum area or industry and Founders4School will make the connection.

Create a Founders4Schools event.

Marketplace opportunity types

Employers can offer 3 types of opportunities. These can help build work skills, career options and knowledge of the world of work.

Work inspiration and preparation

Be inspired and prepared for the world of work through activities or resources offered by employers. It could be a class talk or challenge, workplace visit, career and apprenticeship event, skills session or mock interviews.

Work experience and placements

You’ll find opportunities from employers to experience what it’s really like in the workplace. Placements are available during the school holidays or any time of year if you’re not in education.

Influence the influencer

These events are for parents and carers, educators, careers advisers and other practitioners. You’ll find activities or resources from employers about their role, company or sector to help inspire young people.