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A deep dive into internships

Heard of internships but still not 100% sure what they are? Don’t worry! That’s exactly what we’re here to help you with.

What is an internship?

An internship is temporary work experience that gives you the chance to learn about a particular industry. It’s one way to gain hands-on experience, make connections and explore your career options. You may even get paid!

Who are internships for?

Internships are for everyone but they’re popular with young people.

Students Internships can help students explore their career options, develop their skills and make connections with people in their field.

Recent graduates Internships can help recent graduates gain the experience they need to land a full-time job.

Career changers Internships can help career changers learn new skills and transition to a new field.

People who are unemployed Internships can help people who are unemployed or underemployed gain new skills and experience. This can make them more competitive in the job market.

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Do you get paid for an internship?

Some internships are paid, some aren’t. That depends on the company or organisation you're interning with, so investigate it before applying.

If the internship you’re interested in is unpaid, you'll need to weigh up whether it’s the right fit for you.

How can an internship help you?

There are many benefits of doing an internship, including:

  • gaining real-world experience in your area of interest
  • developing your skills and knowledge
  • making connections with people in your field
  • exploring your career options
  • getting a job offer after graduation

Where can you find internship opportunities?

Are you a student or recent graduate? Speak to your college or university careers service to find out more about internship opportunities.

They can help you up to 2 years after you graduate. Then, your local careers centre can help you. You can also find out about upcoming internships through:

Want to understand your rights as an intern?

Bookmark Gov.uk to keep up to date with internship employment rights.

And remember, when you come to begin your internship, we have lots of handy tips on starting in a new role.