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Secondary teacher support

My World of Work is full of careers resources for your class. You bring the pupils, we'll help you inspire.

What is My World of Work?

My World of Work is part of Skills Development Scotland. We offer skills information, job advice and career guidance to everyone through the lens of our careers experts. 

Whether you teach in a school or college, you’ll need a range of materials to deliver the outcomes in the Curriculum for Excellence and bring the world of work to life for your pupils.

So, let’s look at the tools, support and connections My World of Work can offer your pupils. Get ready to spark career ambitions among the young people you teach! 

Tools and quizzes

We have a range of career tools and quizzes to bring your classroom to life.

Option Choices 

By entering the subjects they’ve chosen or plan to do, our tool will generate associated job profiles. These profiles are packed full of information about the salary, working hours and expected growth of the role. But most importantly, our job profiles show the qualifications, skills and experience needed to get in. 

Option Choices can help young people see the connection between their school subjects and careers they fancy doing in the future. 

Try Options Choices 

My Strengths

My Strengths is an online personality quiz. What makes it special is that it aims to help older pupils understand the strengths they use the all the time and less often. 

After answering a series of questions, My Strengths will produce a fully interactive report for each of your pupils. This report will tell them all about their talents and areas for potential focus. 

By understanding where they're naturally strong, your pupils will be able to articulate what makes them so wonderful. This is useful when they first make a CV and apply for a job, college or university. 

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CV builder

We believe it’s never too early to start thinking positively about skills and experience. That’s why our CV builder is perfect for everyone. 

Our free CV builder allows your pupils to make their first CV, so they’re armed for the job market. 

With sections for contact details, skills, work experience and education – complete with hints and tips from our careers advisers – it’s the perfect introduction to applying for jobs. 

And, with the ability to save progress as you go, you can guide your pupils through the CV builder section by section. 

Try the CV builder 

My Achievements

Your pupils can build a library of all their successes. Whether that's from school, college or elsewhere, they’ll have their own place to log and track anything they've achieved.

It's great way to reflect on their progress and celebrate what they've accomplished. It'll also be handy when they're applying for jobs and courses. They can look back and then highlight their biggest achievements in their CV or in an application.

Try My Achievements 


Developed within Minecraft Education, this new resource takes primary and secondary pupils on a journey through famous Scottish landmarks.

Each of our three activities contains information about emerging areas of the Scottish economy. This includes space technology, renewable energy, and sustainable construction.

Your pupils can play games and explore careers in exciting industries, all whilst developing meta-skills and knowledge about the world of work.

View our full range of Skillscraft teacher materials.

Secondary school teachers

Encouraging exploration

Use these resources to help your pupils choose a career route.

All about your skills

Point your pupils towards our comprehensive skills section. It has everything they need to know about social intelligence, innovation and self-management skills. 

Complete with tips for developing each skill in and out of school, our skills profiles equip your pupils with great language for discussing their talents and behaviours. 

So, when it comes to applying for a job, college or uni, your pupils will have the right words to sell themselves to potential recruiters. 

Visit our skills section


Our industry section contains 15 of Scotland’s growing industries – all of which will be impacted by our move towards net zero emissions by 2045.

Teach your pupils about industries and they'll understand where the growth is and how each one contributes to the country's economy. They'll also get a taste of what exciting jobs they could do across each industry.

After exploring the exciting opportunities our industries have to offer, pupils can tailor their development towards the area they'd like to build a career in.

Visit our industries section


Marketplace is home to opportunities offered by local employers. 

Employers can offer 3 types of opportunities to help young people build work skills, open their career options and learn about the world of work.

Whether you're looking for inspiration, experience or support for your pupils and their carers, you'll find an opportunity through Marketplace.

View Marketplace

My World of Work Live

Our outreach initiative My World of Work Live is an immersive, interactive and exciting programme for pupils in P5 up to S6.

From coding and cryptography to robots and renewables, there's something fun for every pupil with My World of Work Live.

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