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Become a master of the aptitude test

Some employers will ask you to do an aptitude test as part of the application process – our tips will put you in a great position to pass and get that job.

What is an aptitude test?

Aptitude tests, sometimes called psychometric tests, assess how you do tasks and react to situations at work. Employers use them to learn more about you.

Some are used to check whether you’ve got the right practical skills for a job. Others help employers see if your behaviour and personality fits into their team. 

  • They’re regularly used by construction, engineering, energy and mechanical employers. 
  • If you're applying for a Modern or Graduate Apprenticeship there’s a good chance you’ll be asked to do an aptitude test as part of the application.
  • More than 75% of Times Top 100 companies in the UK use aptitude tests, so it’s good to be comfortable with them.

Top tips for aptitude tests

Our careers adviser, Rona Kinsman, shares her five top tips for acing an aptitude test.

What types of aptitude tests are there?

  1. Maths. You’ll be tested on your ability to deal with numbers. Questions could be about percentages, graphs, currency or sums.
  2. Spoken memory. This tests how you understand and interpret information. You may have to read a paragraph then answer a question about it. 
  3. Personality. Employers use these to find out whether you’re suited to the job. For example, you may be asked about your hobbies. 
  4. Visual. Instead of words, you’ll answer questions on a series of images. This’ll test your understanding and problem-solving skills. 
  5. Situations. You’ll be asked questions about different scenarios that can happen at work and how you’d deal with them. 
  6. Mechanical. These are used for specialised jobs. You’ll look at images of workplace scenarios and offer technical solutions.

Practice aptitude tests

Want to try an aptitude test for yourself? There are lots of practice tests online and some employers have example questions on their website. We've pulled together some of the best practice aptitude tests out there to help you get started.