Critical thinking

Critical thinking is your ability to think clearly and always question information and ideas.

It's all about: ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Logical thinking, using judgement, evaluating, problem solving, working with numbers 

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Your critical thinking skill

School will have helped you develop your critical thinking skills. For example, in class you may have debated with another classmate over a topic or answer. To do this you’ll have given reasons or examples to show why you agree or disagree with something. 

Being a critical thinker means your ability to solve problems and make decisions will be trusted and accepted.  

Top tips on developing your critical thinking skill

Throughout life, you’ll use your critical thinking skills every day.

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In general

Reading an online article, blog post, review of a product and asking yourself ‘do I trust this source?’

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In school

Not understanding the purpose of something and asking the question ‘why’. For example, there might be analysis of a poem in English class you do not agree with.

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In work

Think about how you’ve been performing at work, understand what you’re good at and how you could improve.

Describing your critical thinking skill to employers

An employer may ask you questions where you need to identify which critical thinking skills you have and understand how you’ve used them. 

Think about examples where you’ve been in a situation and had to: 

  • make an educated guess and take action on that guess 
  • analyse a situation, decide on the priorities and what actions to take in what order
  • help settle a disagreement by understanding both sides and decide on a solution that's fair to both sides 


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