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Additional support for work

If you have additional support needs, you can get extra help to transition to work. Check out what’s on offer!

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It’s important you can access support available to help you get or stay in work if you have additional support needs. So, we’ve pulled together lots of organisations who cover various types of support such as:  

  • general support 
  • grants 
  • allowances 
  • disability rights 
  • funding 

Access this information using British Sign Language

If you need this information using British Sign Language (BSL), call us for more assistance or watch our BSL videos.  

Apply for jobs with confidence

Support is available from the very beginning of your employment journey. 

Disability Confident

When reading job descriptions, look for the Disability Confident logo. This is awarded to employers who’ve committed to supporting disabled people. If a job listing displays the logo and you meet the basic requirements for the role, you’re guaranteed an interview.  

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GOV.UK has more advice on looking for work as a disabled person.  

Remember your rights

If an employer is not aware of your disability, they may not be able to accommodate your needs in an interview or work. 

There’s no obligation to disclose a disability to an employer. But, if you decide to, you’re protected under the Equality Act 2010. This means: 

  • employers cannot treat your poorly for any reason connected to your disability  
  • your employer has a duty to make reasonable adjustments to make sure you’re not seriously disadvantaged when doing your job 

You can get more information about your rights from GOV.UK and Disability Rights UK.

Support in your employment

If you have a disability, health problem or other barrier to work, you can get help through the following organisations: 

  • the Scottish Union of Support Employment offers support to disabled people or anyone with a long-term health condition 
  • Disability Scotland has lots of education, training and employment resources  
  • ARC Scotland works alongside people who need additional support
  • DFN Project SEARCH works with partners to make supported internships for young adults with a learning disability and autism 
  • Evenbreak is a job board where disabled candidates can search for jobs with inclusive employers at all levels 

You can also see what work support is available in your local council area using this search.

Get funding

Check out these funding options: 

  1. GOV.UK’s Access to work. You might be eligible for money towards a support worker or for the cost of equipment or travelling to work. You could also apply for money for communication support at a job interview.
  2. GOV.UK’s Employment and Support Allowance (ESA). ESA gives you money to help with living costs if you’re unable to work or support to get back into work if you’re able to.  
  3. ILF Scotland Transition Fund. Get up to £1,500 towards learning or other activities if you’re a disabled person between the age of 19 and 25. 
  4. Travel to work using the National Entitlement Card. If you're younger than 22 or disabled, you can get free bus travel across Scotland. 

How we can help you


Give us a call on 0800 917 8000 or get in touch with your local careers centre to make an appointment. 

We can help you explore what support is available to you while you're working and talk you through the funding options you can access.