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Additional support for learning

If you have additional support needs, you can get extra help while you're studying. Check out what's on offer!

Support at college or university

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Chat to your college or university about the support you need while you’re studying. This might include special equipment, funding or arrangements to help you get to classes.

Get in touch when you're applying for a course or before it begins, so anything you need is in place when you start.

Check out some of these organisations who offer various types of support. 


UCAS has lots of information for students about support you can get for your individual needs.


Propel can help if you're in care, are a care leaver or have spent time living away from your parents.


Use Compass to get ready for big changes in life. Whether you're leaving school, getting a job or changing health or care services - they can help.

NAS Student Support Service

This service from National Autism Scotland provides specialist mentoring, 1:1 Study Skills, and in-class support for autistic students at universities and colleges across Scotland. 

Remember your rights

If you have a disability, you're protected under the Equality Act 2010 and have no obligation to disclose a disability. As a student, this means your college, university or training provider: 

  • cannot treat you less favourably than others for any reason connected to your disability 
  • has a duty to make reasonable adjustments to make sure you're not seriously disadvantaged during your course 

You can get more information about rights as a disabled student from:

Get funding

Check out these funding options:

  1. SAAS Disabled Students' Allowance. Money to support you while you study either full-time or part-time college and university courses.
  2. SAAS Care Experienced Students' Bursary. Tuition fees and a bursary for care-experienced students on full-time undergraduate courses.
  3. ILF Scotland Transition Fund. Get up to £1,500 towards learning or other activities if you're a disabled person between the age of 19 and 25.
  4. Employment and Support Allowance (ESA). Students can claim ESA. It's a weekly payment if you have a disability or health condition that affects how much you can work.
  5. Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA). Money to support you if you want to keep learning at school, at home or on certain college courses. Available to 16 to 19 year olds.
  6. National Entitlement Card. If you're younger than 22 or disabled, you can get free bus travel across Scotland. Use this to get to and from your college, university or other training course.

Explore other learning support

As well as chatting to one of our careers advisers on 0800 917 8000, other organisations can help you with learning:

How we can help you


Give us a call on 0800 917 8000 or get in touch with your local centre to make an appointment.

We can help you explore what support is available to you while you're learning and talk you through the funding options you can access.