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Food and drink

The food and drink industry is a major contributor to the Scottish economy. It produces a wide range of products and exports them around the world.

What impact could you make?

Contribute to food production and help feed the nation.
Be the person who develops new products as trends in food and drink grow and change.
Develop more innovative and automated technologies to meet the future challenges of food security and climate change.
Biotechnology's the interface between biology, the biomedical sciences, chemistry, engineering and physics where they all come together. So you might have something that's traditionally a biological or chemical process and it's often applied to things that you can use for humans, so: medicines, food, etc.Kirsty BlackBiotechnologist, Marine Biopolymers

Food and drink at a glance

There are many ways to build a career in the food and drink industry, as well as lots of cool jobs you can do. No matter what your skills or interests are – you're likely to find a job that suits you.


In 2023, there were 48,800 people working in the food and drink industry in Scotland.

Job availability

Between 2023 and 2026, it's expected there will be 1,600 people needed to fill job openings in Scotland.

Job diversity

As of October 2023, there are 696 Modern Apprentices training within food and drink in Scotland.

Things you may not know about food and drink

Sales of Scottish brands in the United Kingdom have risen by more than 40% over the last 10 years and the industry is worth a whopping £15 billion!

Source: Scotland Food and Drink

After whisky, seafood is Scotland's second largest export. It's sold to more than 100 countries.

Source: Scottish Development International

Scotland's food and drink products reached a record export value of £8 billion in 2022.

Source: Scotland Food and Drink

Leaders in food and drink

Discover some of the organisations within food and drink and how they’re making an impact on the industry.