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Engineering and manufacturing

From local buildings to railways and aircrafts – bring creations to life as an engineer.

What impact could you make?

Solve the world’s upcoming problems using creative and problem-solving skills.  
Respond to natural disasters, improve cyber security and develop clean energy sources.  
Design driverless vehicles and spacecrafts for future tourists – perhaps going on missions to other planets.
The potential for an engineer is massive. You can take it wherever you want to go.AndyHead of Tech Development and Digitalisation, Booth Welsh

Engineering and manufacturing at a glance

There are lots of exciting opportunities, from aerospace and pharmaceuticals to food and fast-moving consumer goods production. It’s a global industry, so an engineering and manufacturing career can take you all across the world.


In 2023, there were around 135,700 people employed in engineering in Scotland.

Job availability

Between 2023 and 2026, it's expected there will be 5,400 people needed to fill job openings in Scotland.

Job diversity

As of October 2023, there are 4,501 Modern Apprentices across Scotland training in engineering.

Things you may not know about engineering and manufacturing

Scotland designs and builds more nanosatellites than anywhere else in Europe.

Source: Scottish Development International

Our engineers are world leaders in harnessing wave and tidal power as an alternative energy resource.

Source: Scottish Government

The Scottish space industry will need more than 3,000 engineers in the next 10 years as we prepare for the first European space launch.

Source: University of the Highlands and Islands

Leaders in engineering and manufacturing

Discover some of the organisations within Scottish engineering and manufacturing and how they’re making an impact on the industry.