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Being creative means you can think about a task or problem in a new or different way. With this skill, you’ll use your imagination to generate ideas and solve problems. 

It’s all about: imagination, visualising and innovation.

Your creativity skill

Have you ever wanted to design your own outfit or create your own video game? Make a card for someone or make beautiful artwork? These activities drive your creative skill.

In school, you may have had to create a visual presentation in class. At home you may have rearranged your bedroom furniture or decorated a wall with posters. All of these things rely on strong creative skills.

Top tips for developing your creativity

  1. In general: Using apps such as TikTok to make video content for social media and to send to your friends.
  2. In school: Making a visual presentation in class to show information and communicate your ideas with colour.
  3. In work: Creating a template for your team to help them do their work more effectively. 

Describing your creativity to employers

Creativity is important because it lets employers know you look at problems and situations from a different point of view.

Think about the times when you have:

  • used creativity to solve a problem that made your team more productive
  • observed someone with different views and were inspired to change how you work
  • been open to new ideas or suggestions from others
  • improved the way you or a team worked on a project or task by trying something new

Applying your skills

Explore different ways you can apply your skills and learn more about them.