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Skills Scotland

Heading to Skills Scotland this week? Find out how to make the most of the event.

Man in suit holds post-it note reading 'Join us!'

Work experience, and how to get it

How to get a placement – and make the most of it while you're there.

Gaelic and English signpost reads Baile a' Chaolais and Ballachulish.

A bheil Gàidhlig agad?

If the answer’s yes, you could be boosting your career prospects. We explore where Gaelic can take you.

Spelling mistake circled in red on a written page.

The big CV dos, and definitely don’ts

Get your CV up to scratch for the job hunt.

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10 very scary jobs

Do you think you'd be brave enough to try these spooky, dangerous and downright terrifying jobs?

My Account

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Modern Apprenticeships

All the information you need on how to become a Modern Apprentice.

SDS Individual Learning Accounts

Did you know you could be eligible for up to £200 towards the cost of learning?

Weekly poll

Yahoo has revealed the most searched Halloween costumes for 2014. Who would you be?