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Nail your college interview

Don’t let a lack of preparation trip you up at the final hurdle.

Piggy bank and money

Don’t discount the financial services industry

There are many opportunities in finance – not just for university graduates.

Cameron Mackay and the Russell Glacier

The ultimate extracurricular activity

Student Cameron Mackay’s organising an expedition to Greenland this summer. He explains why he thinks being ambitious in your spare time could help after graduation.

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PACE can help with redundancy

If you’re facing redundancy, the Scottish Government scheme PACE can provide you with one-to-one support to help you through it.

Hand drawing on a chalkboard. Images present ideas, people, and money - all feeding in to a chart which shows progress.

What does it take to be an entrepreneur?

We asked some people in the know the key thing (or things) it takes to be enterprising.

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Get your career moving

What's it like to work during rush hour?

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How to start a business

If you're thinking about starting your own business, find out what tips entrepreneur Anthony Gerrard has for you.

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Entrepreneurial, me?

How entrepreneurial skills can help you succeed no matter what career-path you take.

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The tourism industry

Find out about the exciting range of careers and job opportunities in the tourism industry

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