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Animal me – 2

Skills and strengths
BGE Second Level
This activity allows students to use an online tool as a basis for exploring their personality, preferences and strengths. It aims to help them understand their value as individuals and appreciate that everyone is different.

Getting started

Learning intention ​​​​​​​

Students will learn about their personality and strengths and how these relate to different jobs.

Success criteria

Students can:

  • understand the meaning of preferences
  • identify their strengths
  • participate in a team better through an understanding of their own strengths and those of other people
  • research different jobs on My World of Work

Before you start

  • Explore and/or refer to the book ‘Personality in the Classroom’ by David Hodgson if you would like more background information on the quiz.
  • Go to and register as a Primary teacher and familiarise yourself with the Animal me quiz which you can access via your account.
  • Register your class to use


These are suggested timescales only and will vary dependent on the group:

  • 60 minutes +

Suitable for

  • This lesson is suitable for Second level but may be more appropriate for those in P7 who are preparing for a transitional stage or are writing their P7 profile.