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Animal me – 1

Skills and strengths
BGE Second Level
Use our Animal Me tool with your pupils and help them explore their personality and strengths. It'll help them understand their value as individuals and appreciate that everyone is different.

Getting started

Learning intention ​​​​​​​

Students will learn about my personality and strengths and how they can be different from others.

Success criteria

Students can:

  • understand the meaning of preferences and that everyone is different
  • identify their strengths
  • participate in a team better through an understanding of their own strengths and those of other people

Before you start

  • Explore and/or refer to the book ‘Personality in the Classroom’ by David Hodgson if you would like more background information on the quiz.
  • Go to and register as a Primary teacher and familiarise yourself with the Animal me quiz which you can access via your account.
  • Register your class to use


These are suggested timescales and will vary dependent on your group:

  • 60 minutes +

Suitable for

  • This lesson is suitable for Second level but may be more appropriate for a new class coming together at the start of the year.