If you were given too much change in a shop, would you tell the cashier and give the right amount back?  

Having integrity means being honest, trustworthy and morally good. 

It's all about: ​​​​​​​Being ethical, honest, truthful, trustworthy, self aware, having self-control

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Your integrity skill

You may have had to take responsibility for your actions when it was uncomfortable. In doing this, you’ll have used your integrity.  

For example: say you accidentally broke something that did not belong to you. Instead of hiding what you did, you confessed when keeping quiet may have felt like an easier option. This would show that you're honest and trustworthy because you took responsibility for your actions.  

Having integrity is about sticking and acting on your beliefs and values, over any fears and emotions.  

Top tips on developing your integrity skill

Throughout your life, you'll use your integrity skill everyday.

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In general

Doing your bit for the environment and putting your rubbish in the bin so others do not need to do it for you.  

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In school

Speaking up if you witness someone being treated unfairly in the playground, in class or online. 

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In work

Keeping sensitive information confidential and to yourself if a colleague asks about it. 

Describing your integrity skill to employers

Knowing how to describe your skills can help you in many situations, like writing a CV, filling out an application or interviewing for a job.  

Think about examples of when you: 

  • stayed calm and made the right decision under pressure 
  • stuck to what you thought was right, even if it was not the easiest choice  
  • owned up to a mistake you could have hidden and learned from it  

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