Lots of things can get in the way and distract us while we're concentrating.  

Focus is a thinking skill that helps us pay attention in order to finish what we are doing. 

It's all about: Concentrating, engaging, paying attention, sorting, filtering

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Your focusing skill

School will have played a big part in the development of your focus. You’ll have learned how to focus by doing things like homework, concentrating on a test or listening to your teacher. 

Concentrating on what’s important will help you complete a task quicker and more effectively.  

Top tips on developing your focusing skill

Throughout life, you’ll use your focusing skills every day. Focus is like a muscle, the more you train it – the stronger it becomes.  

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In general

Find that phone-life balance. We all love social media and chatting to friends but set aside time to do other hobbies out with your device.  

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In school

Practice paying attention in class and listen to what your teacher is saying. If you’ve got homework assigned, take your time doing it so you can concentrate on what's important and avoid distractions.  

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In work

Make sure you’re listening to customers or colleagues and focus on completing one task a time. This will help you tune out non-essential information. 

Describing your focusing skill to employers

Knowing how to describe your skills will help you in many situations, like writing an application, creating a CV or during an interview.  

Think about a time when: 

  • you sorted information into categories to help finish a task 
  • paid complete attention to a particular piece of work and cut out all distractions 
  • filtered out unnecessary information when trying to finish a project 

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