We work with a mix of people and technology every day in life. Being able to collaborate helps us work with others and technology to achieve our goals.

It's all about: Building relationships, teamwork, compromising, cooperating, networking, supporting

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Your collaborating skill

There are lots of times you’ll have used your collaboration skill without realising it.  

In school, you might have worked as part of a group to deliver a class presentation. 

Organising a day out with friends, you may have worked together to decide on a time, date and activities for you to do. 

In your part-time job, you may have had to work with another colleague to get a task completed before the end of your shift.  

Being a good collaborator creates positivity and will help you learn from others.  

Top tips on developing your collaborating skill

Throughout life, you’ll use your collaborating skills every day.  

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In general

If 2 of your friends ever have a disagreement, help them come to a mutual understanding by getting them to see one another’s point of view. Help them connect and build on their friendship.  

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In school

Helping a classmate who is having trouble with a maths problem and offering to help them work it out.  ​​​​​​​

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In work

Helping a colleague with a task to make sure it’s completed on time. 

Describing your collaborating skill to employers

Employers will want to know you can work effectively with others on a task. This includes taking actions as well as respecting others and their contributions. 

Think about examples of where you’ve worked as part of a team.  Do not focus too much on yourself.

You might mention an action you took to solve a problem or how you helped a group by listening to others and adding your own ideas. The key thing is to emphasise how the group worked together as whole and the relationships you built along the way. 

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