FREE Online Sound Production Courses

Provided by The Academy of Music and Sound Edinburgh

You will learn a host of useful skills and gain knowledge that will help you in home recording and enable you to continue with your further study in Sound Production. 
You will be tasked with creating a minimum of two productions that showcase your mixing ability whilst developing knowledge and understanding of the creative industry sectors and how to generate sustainable income and readiness for employment in the music industry.
In order to successfully complete the course you will need to have access to the following resources:
1.    A computer or laptop with Logic Pro X or Reaper
2.    Internet Connection
3.    Headphones or Speakers
4.    For anyone looking to include recording elements into your projects you must also have an audio interface, microphones, instruments and cables

Free trials of both Logic Pro X and Reaper are available online. There is no need to have the full, paid versions of the software. 

This course is SQA accredited; on successful completion you will receive a SQA National Progression Award (NPA) in “Creative Industries”.

Choose from either a 2 week intensive or a 6 Week course (with classes on both the Saturday and Sunday, 12 classes total) 

Logic Pro X classes 
Starts Saturday 5th February, ends Sunday 13th March 

Reaper classes 
2-Week intensive (Reaper only) 
Starts Monday 10th January, ends Friday 21st January 
Starts Saturday 5th February, ends Sunday 13th March

This course is completely free for everyone aged 14 or over and living in Scotland. 


Education and training

Curriculum areas

Expressive arts


Align interests to skills and careers, Recognise range of skills, Routes and qualification pathways, Understand sector skills and knowledge

Type of opportunity

Continuing professional development

Target audience

Educators, Parents, carers and guardians, Secondary S4 to S6 (14-18 year old), College

Aimed at

Curriculum specific

Venue/Location Details

Available to

Edinburgh (City of), Glasgow

Open date

10th January 2022 - 13th March 2022
Duration: (s)
Recommended group size: 25

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