Changing your mind about your course

If uni or college does not live up to expectations, do not panic. Lots of students have doubts about their course, but it's easy to change.

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What to do

It can take time to settle into your course and new life at college or uni. Sometimes students may want to transfer to another course or different uni or college - or they might not want to study any more. 

There's 4 things you should consider.


1. Identify what exactly you're not happy with 

Ask yourself, are you not happy with:

  • the course itself
  • a particular subject
  • your accommodation
  • personal reasons
  • finance
  • career choices

2. Speak to someone

Before you take any action, speak to someone at your college or uni straight away. This could be:

  • course tutors and lecturers
  • your student adviser
  • welfare service
  • career services

3. Getting financial help

Speaking to financial advisers on campus can help you with any worries you have about funding entitlement.

4. What credits you gain if you change or leave

If you do decide to change course or leave, find out if you gain credit for the parts you've completed so far.

Changing a module

If it’s just a particular module that’s the problem, find out if it’s possible to sit an alternative subject. You might also be able to get extra help with it, rather than change your whole course.

Changing your course

Is there a module you're struggling with that's compulsory? Are you not enjoying any part of your course? It is possible to change courses and stay within the same college or uni. You can find out what options you have by speaking to your programme leader. 

Changing your university or college

If you decide to change university or college, you should contact the university or college you want to change to and speak to the admissions tutor for that course. Explain your current situation and why you want to change. Discuss what level you want to transfer to and ask whether it’s possible to move credits across.

For university, you’ll need to apply to the new course through UCAS and notify your current university. For college, you’ll need to apply to the new course through their system and let your college know. 

Make sure you get some advice on how this could affect your SAAS funding, course fees and loans too.

Guidance from UCAS on changing courses, college or university and leaving your studies

If you decide you no longer want to study or you’d like to transfer to a new university or course, UCAS have lots of support and guidance to help.