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Summer jobs

Looking for a summer job? We’re here to help. Get advice from our careers adviser Carrie and discover where you can find opportunities.

Why you should consider a summer job 

Our careers adviser Carrie explains why you should consider finding a summer job.

Tips for applying for summer jobs 

Ready to apply? Get the tips you’ll need to land the right role this summer!

Where to find summer jobs 

Our job search lets you filter on temporary roles, which is a great way to find seasonal jobs. If you know the type of job you're looking for, try using that as a keyword. Some common summer jobs include:

  • hospitality roles such as a waiter or barista
  • retail roles such as sales assistant
  • events roles such as bartender at a music festival

If you're looking for work abroad, there are lots of opportunities you can find online. Search for summer jobs on sites such as Season Workers or Anywork Anywhere.