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Plan and manage your career like a pro

Want to thrive in your area of work? We’ll show you how to keep up with what’s happening across your industry.

Top tips to keep up with industry trends

  1. Networking. Build relationships with people in your industry. It's a great way to hear different perspectives. And if you think there's someone you can learn from, don't be afraid to ask for their guidance.
  2. Training courses. Update the skills you need for your job or learn new ones to advance your career. Check out our course search to see what's out there!
  3. Industry organisations. Seek out places that offer newsletters, host events or write journals about your area of work.
  4. Social media. Connect with people on platforms such as LinkedIn. It has more than 930 million members – if you’re not one, it’s time to change that! You'll get to hear the latest news and opinions from your community of professionals.
  5. Online research. Look for relevant forums and blogs where people share their insight. You can even save time by setting up Google Alerts to search for keywords you’re interested in. You’ll then get great news delivered to you regularly.

The benefits of staying up to date with your industry

Whether you're just starting out or looking to progress, investing a little bit of time can help your career in a big way. By getting up to speed with your industry, you'll:

  • grow your network of contacts
  • gain experience through training and other opportunities
  • build your knowledge and skill set
  • be more informed so you can make better career decisions
  • become an expert and can share knowledge with others
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Plan your career with confidence

In 2021/22, 32,811 people used our career services. The team helped them understand and develop their career management skills – we want to help you too!

Learn more about our careers service and see how they can help you.

At their heart, career management skills are about happiness. If you build up your career management skills, you’ll realise your potential and be engaged in the world of work in a way that makes you fulfilled and therefore happier.Alison DunlopCareers Adviser, Skills Development Scotland

Upskill your way to success

Climbing up the job ladder is a key part of planning and managing your career. But how do you keep building new skills while working? Easy, by upskilling!

We can get you into some top-class training and courses – and some of them won’t cost you a penny! Browse what's available in our course search.

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Wondering what the future of your industry looks like?

Knowledge is power. If your role or industry is changing, you need to react and make sure you build the skills needed to face potential challenges.

We’ve analysed the skills needed now and in the future across a variety of industries. Discover what the jobs of tomorrow are and how to future-proof your skill set.

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