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How to apply for an apprenticeship job

Interested in earning, learning and gaining experience at the same time? An apprenticeship job may be the one for you!

What paid apprenticeship jobs are

We know that some people prefer to learn in different ways but also like to earn at the same time. With a paid apprenticeship, it’s just like any other job with employee rights such as getting the National Minimum Wage. You’ll work for an employer committed to your professional development, whilst gaining experience and earning money at the same time. You can: 

  • study and get a qualification – from SCQF Level 4 to degree level 
  • pick an apprenticeship that takes one to five years 
  • choose from a huge range of over 100 apprenticeships 

The different types of apprenticeship jobs

There are two types of paid apprenticeships: Modern and Graduate. As a Modern Apprentice, you’ll: 

  • have a job and learn for between one and four years  
  • study with a college or another learning provider 
  • be entitled to company benefits and the statutory minimum level of paid holidays  
  • get a qualification recognised by industry employers 
  • choose from over 100 different Modern Apprenticeships

As a Graduate Apprentice, you’ll: 

  • study for part of your week at university 
  • get an Ordinary or Master’s degree 
  • combine work and study for two to five years 
  • be entitled to company benefits and the statutory minimum level of paid holidays 
  • choose from 13 different Graduate Apprenticeships

Apprentices and their stories

Hear from real people and find out their stories on what it’s like to work, earn and learn with an apprenticeship. 

bryce modern apprentice

Hear from Bryce - who did a Modern Apprenticeship alongside his part-time football career. 

Raymond Graduate Apprentice

Find out how Raymond moved from customer services to becoming a manager, leading a team of 45 people through a Graduate Apprenticeship with ACS!  

You can check out other apprentice stories on apprenticeships.scot!  

Benefits of an apprenticeship job

An apprenticeship is a brilliant way to mix work and learning life! It’ll help you: 

  • develop valuable workplace skills
  • work with a wide range of people 
  • understand your interests and talents 
  • increase your confidence, resilience and social skills 
  • have the same employee rights as everyone else 
  • enhance your career options  

There’s no maximum age to do a Graduate Apprenticeship. With Modern Apprenticeships, there’s no maximum age but funding that the employer gets for some apprenticeships is different if you’re 25 or older. To become either, you should be the legal age to leave school in Scotland.   

What qualifications you need to get an apprenticeship job

Each vacancy advert tells you what qualifications you need to start the apprenticeship. 

As a Modern Apprentice, entry requirements can vary. Some vacancies have no entry requirements, and some may ask for an SCQF Level 5 or Higher qualification.

Entry requirements for Graduate Apprenticeships vary by course and institution. Check the vacancy advert or you can contact the university for guidance on entry requirements.  

Where to apply for apprenticeships

Ready to take the next step by learning and earning? You'll apply on apprenticeships.scot or on the employer's website. You'll see a full job description including salary, what you'll do and the qualifications you'll need.